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6 Best Car Battery for 2021 (Comparison Table)

Below are the best car batteries that you can buy online for the year of 2021. I rated them based on different factors, online reviews and hours of research. Don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions!

How I chose the best car batteries:

Your car battery is one of the most important parts of your car in that it is what allows you to fire up your engine in the first place. Your car battery also powers various other components of the car, such as dashboard lights, any infotainment systems you have installed, external lights, and the ignition and fuelling systems of the engine. Therefore, it makes sense to put some thought into what you should keep in mind when choosing a battery for your car. Lucky for you, I have done just that. Here is my methodology that I use to judge car batteries.

The brand of a product is thought to be synonymous with its quality, and it usually is. Generally speaking, going with a high-end brand will guarantee you a high-quality battery that will last you longer and give you fewer troubles. Cheap brands might seem like a good deal but they will let you down in the long run with issues like poor charge retention, rapid discharging, and inability to provide steady current. Often, your car manufacturer will specify the brand of battery that you should go with.

Reserve Capacity (RC)
The reserve capacity of a battery, is the amount of time, specified in minutes, your battery can supply the minimum electrical voltage needed by the engine to run in case the alternator fails. The alternator is akin to a generator in that it is a device that is run by the car’s internal combustion engine to generate electrical power. Therefore, it is obvious that a battery with a higher RC rating is better. However, your car manufacturer will specify the recommended battery reserve capacity for your car model, so check before you buy.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)
Your battery provides a huge amount of electrical current to the starter motor to crank your engine to life. In cold weather, it becomes harder for the engine to fire up because the temperature thickens the engine lubrication as well as slows down the rate of combustion of fuel. The cold cranking amps refers to the maximum amps (or units of current) the battery can supply for 30 seconds at 0 degree Fahrenheit before its voltage falls below the minimum. Like before, always use a battery which has a CCA close to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Battery Life and Age
A battery sitting on a shelf in a showroom, or “aging”, can deteriorate in quality. Therefore, always buy a battery within 6 months of its manufacture. The date is usually stamped on the battery case or on a label. Additionally, consider the life of a battery which is the number of years the battery is expected to perform. The life of a battery is dependent on its age. The sooner you begin putting it through charging cycles, the longer you can expect it to last.

These are some of the basic markers that I use to judge car batteries. Your mileage will obviously vary depending on your particular driving habits but for a generalised scenario, these points are quite effective.